About us

ADVATEK was created from a noticeable lack of customer service and support in the technology space. At ADVATEK we value our relationships with our customers above everything else. Our goal is to provide technology support in a friendly, efficient and timely manner. We strive to break the status quo and help our clients achieve their daily and long term business objectives. 

As your technology partner, our mission is to facilitate the growth and development of your business while helping you increase your profit margins. We have highly trained and certified System Engineers that have the necessary experience in the industry. Our technicians are always kind , courteous and happy to explain things. We are customer focused and driven, always making sure our clients are satisfied. Response times to service calls are prompt and done properly. We have the right people to make sure you have minimal downtime and keep your business up and running. 

When looking for a technology service provider, here are a list of question you should always ask.

  • Are all your technicians Microsoft and industry certified?  Advatek’s are.
  • Do you charge each time to come fix the same problem if it wasn’t fixed the last time you came out?  Advatek does not.
  • Do you charge an extra fee for after hours or emergency service calls? Advatek does not.
  • If I am paying for a monthly service, do you charge an additional fee to come on site for a service call? Advatek does not.
  • Do you charge me to call you with questions about my network and while I am put on hold? Advatek does not.
  • Do you carry liability insurance? Advatek does.